Transformational Blogging Course Starts Sept. 30

My friend and spiritual entrepreneur Andrea Conway has announced a 7-session teleclass in which she reveals her Transformational Blogging method that took her own blog from 10 visitors per month to hundreds of visitors a day. As Andrea has noted, blogging is something many people try and at which only a relatively few succeed. The primary reason for this is that they don't have a strategy in place from day one.

I can attest to that fact from my own personal experience. I have a number of blogs scattered around the ‘Net which have gotten started and sort of fizzled out because I didn't have a predetermined strategy for making them work. I'd get an idea and fire up an instance of WordPress, post a few times and run out of ideas. Then it was on to the next one. It's no wonder I've ended up with a string of moribund sites!

I'm pleased to say that Andrea has asked me to be the technical advisor for her Transformational Blogging course and I have gratefully accepted. Not only will I be offering her course participants technical services and assistance to get them up and running quickly and focusing on their blogging, but I will be one of those participants learning how to run a blog properly. I'm excited about both prospects!

Andrea is offering a discounted price for the course between now and September 25th along with a huge bonus for the first 50 people who sign up. Get all the details here:

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